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Workshops are a work in progress. We are expecting that some of our speakers will be able to offer a workshop. Confirmed so far:

  • Using the Reformation: the Reformation in denominational and ecumenical identity. Mark Chapman (see above) will give a thirty-minute historical introduction on how different groups have understood the Reformation followed by group work for people to share their own understandings, and by a concluding plenary discussion.
  • Paul's strategies for copying with disunion: Nicolas King (see above). This workshop will take the form of a close look at the text of 1 Corinthians, to examine several of Paul’s strategies for coping with disunion. It will consist of a 40 minute lecture, some time in small groups and then whole-group discussion.
  • Andrew Louth (see Tuesday 4.30 pm) will offer a workshop.
  • Better Together: building the common good: Jenny Sinclair (see Tuesday 11.15 am). This workshop will look at the 'practice of the common good’ in an increasingly fragmented society, exploring how Christians of different traditions working together across their differences can be a blessing to neighbourhoods and communities. The workshop will consist of a talk, followed by a discussion.
  • Living the hopes and difficulties of the path to Christian unity: Helen & Richard Connell and Helen & Philip Mayles from the Association of Interchurch Families.
  • Living with the legacy of the Reformation: John O'Toole (National Ecumenical Officer and Secretary to the Department for Dialogue and Unity of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales) and David Cornick (General Secretary of Churches Together in England).
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