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Standing Order 934 in The Constitutional Practice and Discipline of the Methodist Church, Volume 2 

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934 Shared Schemes. (1) Where a new building, alteration or extension is to be part of a shared scheme under the Sharing of Church Buildings Act 1969 the approval of the connexional Property Committee shall have regard to the property regulations and practices of the other participating denominations. All such schemes require the approval of the committee (S.O. 931). (2) In the case of such a shared scheme all reasonable measures shall be taken to complete the scheme and clear all debt within five years of its approval by the committee. Any debt beyond that period shall be sanctioned only if proposals for its early liquidation are approved by the other participating denominations and by the committee. (3) Where, under such a shared scheme, the property is model trust property responsibility for quinquennial inspections shall fall upon the Circuit Meeting. Where the building is in joint ownership an arrangement shall be made by the joint council whereby the regulations of one of the participating denominations for quinquennial or comparable periodic inspections and reports are complied with and the reports are made to or shared with the Circuit Meeting. Where the property is held on the trusts of another participating denomination that denomination's regulations shall be complied with and the report shared with the Circuit Meeting. For quinquennial inspections generally see S.O. 952. (4) In such shared schemes, the Methodist Church Council shall be responsible for making annual returns of local property as required by Standing Order 941(iii) and (vii). 

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