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A channel on YouTube for Churches Together in England, first created for the CTE Forum in 2012 now has a number of new videos posted for everyone to see.

The recent additions are from a variety of people, each speaking about their work or particular development. These include:

Ruth Harvey on the Cumbria ecumenical Statement of Intent:

Josie Midwinter speaking as a pioneer minister in a new housing area:

Celia Blackden on ecumenical importance of Interfaith relationships:

Doral Hayes in her new role for the Association of Interchurch Families:

Peter Graystone on the 'easiest evangelism ever' with 'Christianity' website:

Jenny Bond as the Field Officer (North and Midlands) for Churches Together in England:

Another CTE YouTube channel is specific to the Interfaith Conference:

The YouTube channel with new videos is called 'CTECommunications':
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