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LATEST: Click here re the book: The Queen and the King she Serves

Roy Crowne is the Director of Hope 2014 and speaks here to groups of churches who may plan to engage in 'word and deed' mission in their local community.

In 2008, Hope08 brought together groups of churches that had never worked together in mission before, it is anticipated that in 2014 new networks will again emerge from 'doing more' and 'doing it together'.

In 2012, Hope coordinated a significant initiative around the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend. This was when an estimated 6 million people engaged in a variety of street party and festival events, and 750,000 New Testaments were given away.

Hope 2014 encourages churches to work together in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. 

In 2014, a wide variety of opportunities exist for churches together. A 'Rhythm for Mission' based on the seasons of the year; a focus on commemorations around WW1; youth mission academies; resources like the book 'Heartbeat for Mission' and other resources are available at www.hopetogether.org.uk

Hope 2014 was launched at a prayer meeting for the Redeemed Christian Church of God on Friday 18th October, when 30,000 Christians join for an annual night of prayer, and on Thursday following when church leaders gather at Lambeth Palace for a launch event with the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

2015 update: Hope 2014 now continues after a review and evaluation from THEOS and Church Leaders Summit in 2015 for another phase of coordinating local chrches in word and deed mission together.



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