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Halloween Event at East Carlton Country Park                                                           

Gill Crow – County Ecumenical Development Officer Shire & Soke

I attended the Halloween event at East Carlton Country Park this year to witness the 'tent of light' as provided by The Churches Together in Corby & District organised by Louisa Feltham. I was keen to see at first hand the vision for participation of the church with their expressed purpose of bringing light to the darkness. Louisa told me “the reason to be there - if for no other reason – is to bring balance to the dark things and give the children who are frightened a peaceful and good end to their experience. Obviously we hope to sow seeds too, among non church-going people, which may help them to think about God.  We may never know what God will be doing with what we provided for Him, but I know that He will be doing something.”

I visited with them for both the worship and prayer preparation on 30th October and for the event itself on 31st. This was to be the second year of attendance at the Corby Borough Council run event, which has been organised by the Council for positive reasons, to keep youngsters off the streets and so prevent fear for residents with unwanted house calls that comes about from 'Trick or Treating'; to keep children safe and to prevent crime.                   

Photographs from this event and a copy of the full report is available here
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