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Ten Marks of Christian Spirituality

The life and death of Jesus himself is a fundamental point of reference for the marks of Christian spirituality. In the life of Jesus we find the spirituality of the cross, participation in powerlessness and the despair of death in this world; and at the same time also the spirituality of resurrection, participation in the hope that overcomes death. These belong together and are manifest in a true Christian life.
  1.    Reconciling and integrative
  2.    Incarnational.
  3.    Rooted in scripture and nourished by prayer. 
  4.    A costly and self-giving spirituality.
  5.    Life-giving and liberative.
  6.    Rooted in community and centred around the Eucharist.
  7.    Expressed in service and witness.
  8.    Is about waiting for God’s own surprising initiative.
  9.    Is about the unfolding of the loving purpose of God here on earth.
  10.    Open to the wider oikoumene and other kinds of spirituality.


Based on the report of the WCC Consultation on ‘Spirituality for Our Times’ held in 1984.


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