The Churches Group for Evangelisation


gfe groupThe Churches Group for Evangelisation, often called 'GfE', brings together the evangelism officers of the churches in England, together with some evangelism representatives of major home mission agencies. To se who we are, click here.


Until 31st Dec 2009, GfE was managed as a seperate charity. The original reasons for this are no longer valid and GfE trustees are grateful that the CTE trustees have agreed to manage the work direct from 1st January 2010.


The Churches Group for Evangelisation is a coordinating group of Churches Together in England.


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(Some members of the group at a recent meeting).


Some recent GfE Priorities


In addition to their own core work, the denominational and agency evangelism officers keep a watching brief on all aspects of evangelisation in England. As this has many facets, GfE agreed priorities which it would consider for the wider church. Key topics of recent common concern have been:

These topics are in addition to the over riding key priority of 'Proclamation in the 21st Century'.

In 2010 we have considered Partnership in the Gospel, and produced a paper and questionnaire resource.

Most recently we have considered how the churches can develop a strategy for mission in forthcoming years when the major national initiatives, Biblefresh, More than Gold and Hope Together will provide many opportunities and resources. There is a section on this website with a growing number of papers to help resource local churches together groups. Click here to go to that section.


In all of these areas, networks have been developed, resources have been collated, and some research undertaken.


To see popular reports of our meetings click here.


Evangelism UK: a free network News Service  


GfE hosts a dedicated news service for anyone in the evangelism network. Designed for busy leaders to see at a glance, only headlines are provided with a relevant web link for follow up. News received is posted so we all have an idea of what each other is doing. The news is automatically sent by email to 200+ subscribers two or three times a week. All the information previously sent out (over 400 items), is kept in an archive which can be searched by category. To subscribe to this free service simply add an email address and verify it in Evangelism UK at:


The Group


GfE meets in various ways at least 4 times a year. The general purpose is to help the churches in England work together 'that the world might believe'. Our strapline is 'Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ together'.


Recent meetings have given consideration to a wide diverse spectrum of concerns from Hope 2008 to the the mission challenge and opportunity of the Olympic Games, and from Churches Advertising Network to the Global Day of Prayer. Ongoing major consideration has been given to two major themes themes:

  1. Church Planting and Fresh Expressions. GfE was one of the three sponsers of the Mission21 conference in March 2006, which 550 attended. GfE is again a co-sponsor in another Mission 21 conference planned for Nov. 17/18/19th 2009.
  2. The spiritual interest of people who dont go to church. A GfE national tour called 'Equipping your Church in a Spiritual Age' took place in 2005/6 and the workbook is still relevant and avilable as a pdf on disc from Lorraine Shannon.

CGfE key role

IMGP2074The key role of the CGfE however, is not to produce things so much as to bring together the key people who are doing things so that mission is more effective. This happens in the CGfE meetings, various conferences, network groups, and in dedicated meetings like the CGfE Annual Consultation mentioned above.


A key role of CTE and CGfE in particular is reflected in the Swanwick Declaration:

'Our call is to witness that God is in Christ, reconciling the world to himself. It is our conviction that, as a matter of policy at all levels and in all places, our churches must now move fro co-operation to clear commitment to each other ... in common evangelism and service to the world'.

The general task of evangelism, ie sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, is carried out in many aspects of CTE work, but is focussed in the particular contribution of the Churches Co-ordinating Group for Evangelisation. GfE seeks to serve the wider church in the task we are all called to, 'that the world might believe'. Our strap line is 'Working together to share the good news of Jesus Christ'.



The contact person for CGfE is the current Executive Secretary, Captain Jim Currin, CA







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