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Chaplaincy LEPs 

A Chaplaincy is a specialised form of ministry where representatives of religious organisations work within an institution. Chaplaincy LEPs can be found in hospitals (healthcare and hospice), prisons, educational establishments e.g. universities and FE colleges and business/commerce/industry settings. See the links on the left for some examples.
In an LEP Chaplaincy all the chaplains sign a Covenant that will commit them to work together to meet the pastoral, spiritual and religious needs of the staff, clients and relatives. The chaplains work together as an ecumenical team with a strong sense of mutual commitment and sharing. They meet together regularly to pray, plan the work of the Chaplaincy and offer mutual support. They may have ‘away days’ when they reflect theologically and liturgically together.

Mission LEPs and Education LEPs 

These include industrial mission partnerships and joint schools, for example. The leaflets about Mission Partnerships and Education Partnerships from the Catholic Bishops' Conference, while aimed at Catholics are extremely helpful introductions to these two types of LEP. (Don't confuse an education chaplaincy LEP with an education LEP which is a joint school, for example, rather than an ecumenical chaplaincy.)

If you are trying to write an LEP constitution, help is available here.

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