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The Churches Together logo CTLogoSmall

This page carries resources for local Churches Together groups which would like a customised logo. It is based on the Churches Together in England logo which was revised in March 2014. The newer version has slightly bolder text and is less pink as can be seen on the right.

If you represent a local Churches Together group you are welcome to use the Churches Together logo in your local work without a) asking for written permission or b) reporting on its use. (If you are not sure you are 'Churches Together', please do not use the logo in case it causes confusion with a group that is! If you need help, contact your County Officer.)

In addition, e-mail Churches Together in England if you would like us to supply a customised logo for local or Intermediate Churches Together bodies. Let us have the correct title and we will endeavour to provide the logo free of charge in three versions a) small picture for websites b) medium graphic for printing and c) large PDF for banners. When you email, please say who you are, which CT group you represent, and what you intend to use the logo for. 

As it usually takes a few days for customised logos to be created, below are various files of the logo above which you can download and use immediately. Click on the description to download the type most in regular use.

JPEG picture. Small so quick to view on an email, web, blog or twitter site. Small size 17 KB

JPEG picture. Medium so versatile for leaflets and printing. Medium size: 229 KB

Instructions when you see the image:
Right click and 'copy' then go to Word document or PowerPoint slide and right click 'paste', or,
Right click and 'Save picture as' to keep and use - changing the file name from the given number to '2014CTLogo' or similar name you will remember!

PDF Large file that keeps the shapes up to banner size. File size 242 KB.

Instructions when you see the image:
Save the file first to a place where you can find it. In case you need to search, the file is called 'CTLogoNoName.pdf'.
The file will be requested by a printer who can embed the logo in to a banner they are printing. The file contains vector graphics so will not pixelate.
Please note, as a PDF document, this file will not open in many other applications - it is here provided primarilly for large banners.

Extra - this is a .png file

Email if you need GIF, WMF for general applications and EPS or AI file for layout and drawing applications.

For reference, the red pallete used is R160; G29; B32 and text Myriad Pro (semibold).  

To point others to this page, the short address is
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