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EDUCATION SUNDAY - 1 February 2015Ed Sun 2015

In 2015, Education Sunday fell on 1 February. The Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Candlemas) fell on 2 February. Many parishes and churches celebrated this feast on the nearest Sunday.  The material for 2015 therefore focused on that moment in the Christian year.

Discovering who you are

 What did you want to do when you grew up?  Is that what you’re doing now?  Who or what influenced your decisions?  How were you enabled to grow and broaden your horizons?
The readings for this Sunday and the story of Jesus being presented in the temple point to the heart of what education is about - discerning the potential in people and helping them to realize that potential.
In Luke, Simeon and Anna see what others don't see; this is not just a baby boy but one with universal potential, as every child has. They share a glimpse of what he might become. 
In Hebrews, the writer recognises that Jesus became a human person in every respect, so that he might help us to fulfil our potential, as he himself has done.
The reading from Malachi suggests that perhaps what we do is less important than how we do it.  We are told that the messenger is coming; he will refine and purify, so that we may all achieve our potential, which is to become the means of God's justice for the oppressed, widows and orphans – for the poor. 
2015 marked the deadline to meet the Millennium Development Goals, including the goal to achieve universal primary education.  Enrolment in primary education in developing regions reached 90 per cent in 2010, up from 82 per cent in 1999, which means more children than ever are attending primary school.  However, one in ten children of primary school age was still out of school in 2012.
Whether we end up being bankers, shop workers, carers, politicians or teachers we can all help to build God’s kingdom of love and justice, and ensure that everyone can live to their full potential, and become the person God intended them to be. 


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All Age Worship suggestions

The Student Christian Movement have also provided the following workshop material for students and young adults and can be used with permission of SCM as an extra resource.

Vocation Workshop

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