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TUG last meeting IMG1888just cReceptive Ecumenism is simple. As we engage with people who belong to Churches not our own, we often focus on what gifts our own tradition can add to the ecumenical treasure trove. That's important. But receptive ecumenism goes further. Instead of looking at what our tradition can bring, its strengths, perhaps, it invites us to look at the gifts and strengths of other traditions, to notice what we can learn or receive from them.
Gifts from the treasure trove

Gifts from the Treasure Trove: an extremely useful leaflet for small groups designed to enable reflection on the gifts we receive from other traditions.

Sharing spiritual treasures pu

Gifts from the Treasure Trove requires the notes for group facilitators in Sharing our Spiritual Treasures, its sister leaflet. This, too, is a deceptively simple and effective leaflet, encouraging us to share what we find most precious in our own tradition.


Receptive Ecumenism is often linked to spiritual ecumenism. This short reflection on receptivity from a spirituality point of view is clear and helpful.


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