Churches Combating
Modern Slavery - Human Trafficking 

ElizabethJoyPortraitDownload PDF of a letter introducing CCMS-HT from Elizabeth Joy

Here is the text of the letter:

Dear Co-workers in Christ,

Greetings!  I am Elizabeth Joy who has recently joined Churches Together in England (CTE) as a Volunteer. The CTE Board has asked that I work with Bishop Joe Aldred on a project tentatively called Churches Combating Modern Slavery-Human Trafficking (CCMS-HT).  This initiative is in response to the CTE Pentecostal Churches’ call for the establishing of a hub to which they can relate to in addressing this issue of Modern Slavery-Human Trafficking.  While this initiative is driven by and at the Pentecostal Churches, other members of CTE and beyond are welcome to join in this venture.  Therefore, I wish to share with you briefly what has happened thus far in the process of developing this programme and invite you and your church to join in and be actively engaged in this initiative. 

Many of us representing various CTE member Churches attended a Round Table meeting with the Home Secretary, Teresa May MP and others on 10th March 2015 to discuss the Anti-Slavery Bill, express support on behalf of the Churches and plan for future networking.  We are very glad to inform you that the long struggle that many in the political, social and religious sectors led separately and together became fruitful as the Anti-Slavery Bill was passed in the UK Parliament as an Act on 26th March 2015. A brief report that we received from Stephen Pickett is attached herewith for an update on the Anti-Slavery Act which is self-explanatory.  Frodsham Churches in Cheshire have been working against Trafficking for the last three years. 

Prior to the above mentioned Round Table meeting, we had networked with Christian communities and secular organisations working against Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in different ways. These include the Human Trafficking Foundation, Stop the Traffik UK, and churches already involved.

CCMSHTLogoAgreed150707While some CTE member Churches are in the fore-front addressing these issues and concerns, a dire need was felt to bring other CTE member Churches on board.   In order to achieve this, a few meetings were organised.  Following seminars in the House of Lords and at the Watford Gap offices of the Human Trafficking Foundation, we are happy to report that a good number of Churches are showing keen interest to engage actively.  They are eager to join others in raising awareness and putting an end to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. 

As we develop this project, we look forward to having the following initiatives to begin with and request your participation in strengthening and promoting this project:

  1. Helping to promote Freedom Sunday on 18th October 2015 in our churches.  We have been part of the core group that is planning for this Sunday.
  2. A one day consultation in November/December 2015 with the new Anti-Slavery Commissioner Mr Kevin Hyland as a keynote speaker.  We hope to bring together representatives from CTE member Churches and beyond.
  3. A project to focus on the plight of women caught up in Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in the UK is on its way.  This will explore how we could support them in their journey to freedom.  Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford is in the process of submitting a project proposal, and we look forward to her suggestions with her vast experience as the founding CEO of CHASTE (Churches Alert to Sex Trafficking Across Europe).

We will be very glad to hear from you about any aspect of this new initiative and would be greatly helped were you able to find a designated representative from your Church who can work with us that together we can address this issue by raising awareness, supporting victims and putting an end to modern Slavery-Human Trafficking.

Looking forward to your response, continued support and participation,
Elizabeth Joy

Bishop Eric brown speaking about CCMS-HT for Freedom Sunday

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