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A Taste of Heaven 

'A Taste of Heaven' is a picture by Leavon Bowman, and this month's reflection is a short video of Phyllis Thompson referring to John 6: 22-58, posing questions prompted by the picture.

Quotes about -   A Taste of Heaven   

 "In my office you will find an inspiring portrait beautifully created by the skilful hands of Mr. Leavon Bowman. So, fitting is the caption; “A Taste of Heaven”. Pictured are those gathered at a table in His presence. At this table you find all nationalities and walks of life. You find the senior as well as the young child. All are invited. No one is rejected. The rich, the poor, the successful, the outcast all are one in the same. It is only when humanity is all all-encompassing that we together make up the family of God. This portrait is a glimpse into what heaven will be like. A Taste of Heaven."   
Dr Stephen P. Darnell,  COG Field Director Europe, the Middle East, CIS, Russia.
A painting is a visual portrayal of an artist’s concept that creates a response upon the individual who views it. This is especially true of those renderings of a spiritual nature. In God’s Word are scriptures relating to heaven and the invitation to “come and dine.” Psalm 23:5: Thou preparest a table before me shares a key element—it is the Lord Who prepares the table.  Leavon Bowman has used his God-given abilities to paint a table prepared by the Lord, emphasizing what we bring to this table and what we take away to share with those we meet along life’s pathway.
Dr. Timothy M. Hill General Overseer/International Church of God  
‘A Taste of Heaven’, is a unique painting capturing the power of communion within community. Shared table relationships flow; they intertwine childhood, maturity, gender, race and culture, celebrating freedom, unity and life in the presence of the risen Christ. Following his resurrection, Jesus ‘was known to them in the breaking of bread’ (Lk 24:35). Today this promise remains. Place this picture somewhere prominent. Be inspired, then share this meal and be transformed.’ 
Noel Moules is a teacher, author, and founder of ‘Anvil Trust’: with its twin expressions of ‘Workshop’ training and ‘Peacemeal’ encounters. 
Each of the characters around the table represents the uniqueness of God’s image and likeness – celebrating diversity of colour, culture, old, young and middle aged – making a statement that we are all equal in God’s sight.  Looking closer, one can only imagine the various conversations and levels of both verbal and non-verbal communication taking place, yet every character distinctly positioned, in celebration of both individual and yet connectedness of true expression of freedom and liberty. The beautiful imagery of the embracing Hands of Christ Jesus, holding God’s perfect Creation – our eternal hope of Glory. Amen!
Rev Virginia Thomas – LTC Facilitator  
‘A truly splendid unveiling of the artwork ‘A Taste of Heaven’ which can be seen as a modern-day depiction of the Leonardo Da’vinci portrayal of Christ at the last supper.  The magnificent painting by Leavon Bowman, commissioned by Rev Phyllis Thompson, culminates in an empowering interpretation for me, of being at the table of Christ. ‘
Lois Vassell – Willesden NTCG 
“Perhaps no scene in Scripture more beautifully displays Jesus’ love for all and His all inclusive plan of redemption than the table which He shared with His disciples on the night He was betrayed.  That table, however, was fraught with prophetic anticipation of a day when Jesus would commune with saints from every kindred, nation, tongue and people. “A Taste of Heaven” beautifully adds to this anticipation and creates within my heart a longing for a Kingdom without borders”. 
Mark L. Williams, Lead Pastor North Cleveland Church of God 

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Phyllis Thompson is the Education Director for the New Testament Church of God.

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