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All-EOs' conferences 

IMG 20191015 114733490 BURST00Prior to 2019, some National Ecumenical Officers offered their Denominational Ecumenical Officers annual or occasional meetings. Sometimes they combined together to create one conference for two denominations. County Ecumenical Officers met annually for their Consultations, which were gatherings of CEOs for study, fellowship and consultation with NEOs and the staff of Churches Together in England. Very occasionally, for example in  the 2017 Responding to the Reformation conference, all Ecumenical officers, denominational, county and national, came together in one conference.

In May 2018, the Northern County Officers decided to gather together their DEOs for an overnight meeting. It was so successful that a further overnight was organised in April 2019.

In the meantime, as a way of supporting Intermediate ecumenism, the National Ecumenical Officers decided to hold a 24 hour conference for all Ecumenical Officers. Ecumenism Today was a great success and a further conference was planned for 2020. That conference will be longer – for about half the time, Ecumenical Officers will meet in denominational/CEO groupings and the rest of the time will be spent all together. CEOs have agreed that the CEO-only time during the conference will replace their annual Consultation. Unfortunately, the coronavirus situation pushed those plans to 2021 but the basic plan is unchanged.

It remains to be seen if this pattern will continue. A decision about a 2022 conference will need to be made sometime in 2021.

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