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All EOs' conference 2021 

There will be a conference for all Ecumenical Officers at High Leigh Conference Centre from Tuesday 28 September to Thursday 30 September (lunch to lunch) 2021.

Following the success of the 2019 Ecumenism Today conference, there will be a longer conference in 2021, as above, planned by NEOs working with Jenny Bond. This will include significant time for DEOs to gather in denominational meetings while CEOs meet together with CTE staff . (The 2020 conference was cancelled due to coronavirus.)

Further information

Download below information sheets about High Leigh or visit its website and travel information page. 

If you have a query, Lorraine Shannon, CTE's Operations Manager, can help with practical details and Jenny Bond, CTE 's Principal Officer for Intermediate Ecumenism, Governance Support and Resources, can help with the content of the programme.

 High Leigh practicalities 
Heigh Leigh floor plan (523.3KB)
High Leigh COVID-19 guidance (183.1KB)
High Leigh info & travel (96.0KB)
map from High Leigh to the station: print if you want a lift at the end of the meeting (112.0KB)
Taxi notice High Leigh (41.5KB)
Taxi sheets for members (20.9KB)


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