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Information for participants on the 2022 Zoom course

(You will know you have definitely booked when Eventbrite sends you an email confirming your booking details. You will also receive a circular email at least a month before the course but probably sooner than that. If you think you have booked and these things do not happen, please don't leave it until the last minute to be in touch with us.)

We look forward very much to welcoming you on Tuesday 1 February in time for a prompt start at 2.00 pm.  Please try to log in at 1.45 pm so that we can iron out any technical details and ensure your screen name is correct. You will receive an e-mail with the Zoom link a fortnight before the course.

In advance of the course

  • Before the course you need to do the 2022 version of a visit to an ecumenical situation.
  • We are asking you to pray over three days in advance of the course. The material for these three days is below.
  • Even if you are a Zoom expert, please read the Zoom protocols paper which will be sent to you before the course and will appear below when it is ready.


Background information

If you have time, download from the list at the bottom of the page:

  • Knots – no question is silly!
  • A very helpful and readable reflection written some time ago by a new CEO but applicable to all.
  • Extracts from what is popularly known as 'the Marigold book', setting out the proposals for the current ecumenical instruments. While a great deal of it is dated, it is important background for our work together. Read more about CTE's history.

Final practicalities

list of participants will be sent at the beginning of January 2022. (NB data protection responsibilities prohibit us from permitting this to be included below.) Blank cells indicate that the person concerned has not given permission for their data to be shared.

When you receive it, please do check the column stating what your role is. Several of you were a bit confused by the terminology and selected the incorrect option when you booked but it's important that you put an accurate description at the end of your Zoom name.


(Ignore the numbers.) When a programme has been finalised it will also appear here, as will all other information you require. Everything will also be emailed to you.


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