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A worldwide cooperative society promoting global justice by challenging people, churches and others to share their resources through socially responsible investments and by empowering disadvantaged people with credit.


Oikocredit is a worldwide financial co-operative, with more than 30 years experience of social investment in the productive enterprises of people who are poor.

Launched in 1975 as an initiative of the World Council of Churches, there are now 30,000 individuals and 600 Church and other organisations investing in Oikocredit worldwide. A modest dividend of typically 2% is paid to investors with the focus being on providing the highest social return. Our loans in developing countries have proved a powerful instrument in not only bringing economic self-reliance, but also leading to the enhanced self-esteem of the borrower. Most of Oikocredit's capital is raised through the efforts of a network of volunteers across Europe and North America. Lending is made via Oikocredit's own field staff across 68 countries.

Investment from the UK has been possible since 2007, via the Oikocredit International Share Foundation, with a minimum investment of £150 and no maximum. Shares in Oikocredit are normally repayable on demand.


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