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CTE New Housing Group meeting report 21.11.11


This is a report of the recent meeting of the Churches New Housing Group, offered as part of the 'Better Connections' initiative of Churches Together in England.

This is a summary report of our recent meeting of group members.

The group welcomed Bishop James Langstaff, who now represents Housing Justice in our network. Bishop James also welcomed the group to his home. Bishop James spoke of his long standing interest in new housing and of the growth area in his diocese of Rochester.

The group heard from Rev Penny Marsh, a regional Baptist Minister who works in Kent Thameside in new housing areas. Among other things, Penny runs a Cafe Church in a shopping centre. Her work has recently been covered in an article in the Baptist Times. Baptist Union also producing a video.

Charity Commission CIO proposal
We continue to monitor the CC website and all the papers you can see here about Charitable Incorporated Organization proposal. We also agreed to ask for a joint meeting between the Churches Group for New Housing and the Churches Group for Local Unity, as the Charity Commission proposal is of common interest.

Government incentives for new housing
We happened to meet on the day national headlines covered Government incentive schemes to stimulate the building and buying of new homes. Ministers were in various places making announcements - one of our NHA group had a visit from the Minister for Department for Communities and Local Government to her area.
As a group we generally welcomed the Government taking initiatives to stimulate growth in new housing.

Neighbourhood planning regulations - Government consultation
We considered all the papers for this Government consultation on the Neighbourhood planning regulations, and agreed to encourage local church leaders to respond.
The consultation runs to January 5th 2012.
To see the consultation documents click here.

Community Infrastructure Levy - Government consultation
We considered all the papers for this Government consultation and agreed:
a) to encourage regional church leaders to engage in the process and make representation for their area though the consultation. We shall produce a statement to inform and encourage that process.
b) We would respond to the consultation with our own reply, from the comments made in the meeting.
The consultation runs to December 31st 2011.
To see the Government consultation documents click here.

We discussed issues and possible network meetings in 2012.


Jim Currin, 05/12/2011
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